Produced solely by assistants and Task Force members, the Young Parties are Creative Artist Agency's only annual events that are open to the public. Each year, celebrities, entertainment, and sports industry professionals come together to help raise money in support of local charities in Hollywood, Nashville, New York, and London. To date, more than one million dollars has been raised globally through ticket sales, donations and online auctions.


For the first time in 2015, a unified identity was created across all four cities, each with it's own microsite which linked back to a main portal, allowing the user to easily navigate to their own city, but also have the ability to check out what the other cities are doing as well. Custom logos, color palettes, and patterns were created for each city, all connected with indigo and pink as primary colors.

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After the success of the unified branding in 2015, CAA Foundation leaders requested the same approach for 2016. With a bit more experience and insight in to how the events are produced more time was added in to the production schedule to allow for greater design capabilities. The result was a super-vibey, neon jungle inspired look, fully conceived and created in-house. 

Artificial plants were coated with high-gloss black spray paint and photographed in a studio underneath multi-directional colored lights to create seamless patterns with depth, dimension and brightly reflected, saturated colors. (Check out some behind the scenes pics over on the BLOG) Each city was then given it's own color palette and neon sign-inspired logo treatment, combined with a series of matching hand-painted secondary patterns used in event signage and throughout the branded websites.

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In 2017 we decided to pull back from the club vibe a bit and took a more straightforward location-based approach to the branding. Panorama skyline photos of each city were given a retro-VHS glitch art treatment to match the custom-distorted logo lock-ups. VHS static patterns and 3D vaporwave-style illustrations are implemented as trippy background patterns and signage elements.

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