Behind The Scenes... continued...

Stoked to present the finished looks from last month's Young Party photoshoot. The result is 4 uniquely colored background patterns used in conjunction with each city's logo to create a super vibey three dimensional neon glow effect. Check it out...


Here's a vaguely satirical illustration I created on behalf of CAA to commemorate HITS Magazine's 30th anniversary. 

HITS is a music industry trade publication that includes proprietary weekly sales and airplay data, info on breaking artists, interviews with music industry leaders, music industry news, ratings charts and more.

Behind The Scenes

Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes of a photoshoot for this year's CAA Young Party branding. Just some spray painted leaves and colored lights for now, stay tuned to see the magic happen...


My friends Lauren and Danny who own Stag Hair Parlor on Melrose asked me to come up with a 60's inspired logo they could use on t-shirts and pins to promote the shop. I gave them this logo treatment and they gave me awesome free haircuts - everyone wins!

But seriously if you're in LA and need a rad haircut check them out and grab a t-shirt and button while you're there!

Summer Ice Cream!

Every summer, my company sponsors two ice cream days per week because clearly just one isn't enough. I made this announcement for them which is the best piece of spam you'll get 20 times per year.


Here's a fun logo and branded swag bag I did for Camp CAA -  a three day sleep-away camp which helps school-aged kids recognize the beauty of the outdoors, as well as the beauty that comes from building new friendships, shared-experiences, leadership and creativity. 


Quickie design for client Darren Criss - limited edition tote bags sold during a small run of east coast performance dates.

Hand Made Holiday

In celebration of the holidays, this year my extended fam decided to exchange only hand-made gifts. So basically make 12 of something and pass them out, and that I did with 12 unique hand-painted wood blocks. 


The Future Is Bright

Decided to get conceptual/fancy for the holidays this year... a postcard set with custom type that I hand dragged through my broken scanner, with original black and white photographs on the reverse. Plus bonus holographic stickers because who doesn't like stickers??