Young Parties 2017

Work has already begun on this year's CAA Young Party branding! The Young Parties take place in Hollywood, Nashville, New York and London and are CAA's only annual events that are open to the public, with ticket sales going to local charities in each city like Communities In Schools and Room To Read. 

Here are some initial key art concepts for this year's glitched-out, electro-psychedelic look and feel... more to come soon!


STAG Merch

The fine humans at Stag Hair Parlor just did a rad photoshoot with the T-shirts I designed. You should go get a hair cut and pick one up, Lisa Loeb did!




Ice Cream 2017

It's summer and that means mandatory ice cream 2x week at CAA! To keep things fresh, this year I created 4 email graphics each with different flavor/pattern combos.


Dickens Dills Rebrand

I am extremely pleased to announce a fresh new look for my side-hustle Dickens Dills. New business cards and labels with a new logo and dill pattern on the flipside. Check out that gold foil!





Because I am an adult, I've recently thrown not one but TWO dinner parties that required invitations. And because there are never enough good occasions to use Bookman I did just that.




Maria + Matt

My friends Maria and Matt are getting married and I just finished this fun illustrated invitation for their wedding in the woods.

Womens' March Los Angeles

Last month I was proud to be one of over 750,000 people marching for equality and Women's rights in downtown Los Angeles. The night before the march I made some signs for the event and sent them to friends who carried them in San Francisco, New York City and Washington DC.

I'm happy to share them here below - NEVER STOP MARCHING!!


Reefine Company

Starting the year off with this recently completed branding project for Reefine Company™, a So-Cal based start-up which provides access to a curated collection of cannabis goods and accessories, including Reefcase™, their own line of customized wallets. 


Hand-made Holiday Part II

As you may recall last year I painted a series of colorful woodblocks for our family gift exchange. This year I continued the theme but took it even further in to actual 3-dimensional shapes and created these geometric succulent holders which I stabbed myself with many times during this photoshoot. You're welcome, happy holidays.

Holy Holidaze

How is it possible that I'm already thinking about holiday cards? How did this even happen? Anyway this year's cards are based on the dramatically increased work flow and growing list of social activities and just the overall feeling of insanity I experience every year during the first two weeks of December.  I used day-glo colors in an original illustration piece and actually wrote some words!