As Art Director and Lead Designer, a complete brand identity was built for Access 360 Media, a leading multi-platform media network connecting young-adult consumers to the products they seek. Working with diverse global brands - AMP Energy/Pepsico, Honda, AT&T to namedrop a few, and leading young-adult retail chains like F.Y.E., Quicksilver, and Virgin Megastore, fully integrated marketing campaigns were created which combine in-store, online and mobile media elements.





To represent this new form of hyper-targeted advertising, the fun, energetic bullseye motif was created to visually capture the energy behind emerging marketing strategies. The motif was then translated across letterhead, business cards, buckslips, digital media, and several advertising and retail-centric trade ads. A 15-page style guide was created to help internal employees and 2nd party partners quickly and correctly express the brand. The logomark was even printed on custom-colored M&M's in branded containers for a sweet leave-behind at client meetings.